Thirsty Ravi


Thirsty Ravi – unframed watercolour

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It was a hot summer day and Ravi needed to quench his thirst.

Ravi is a tiger at the National Zoo in Canberra. He is lucky to have a good supply of water for these hot days.

The image I have depicted here came from an anniversary weekend that hubby took me on staying at the lodge inside the zoo.  An amazing experience sleeping with sild tigers right at your window.

However, on this day in the heat watching Ravi quenching his thirst had me thinking about the few remaining wild tigers and how we as humans have desecrated much of their habitat…. Leaving both the tigers and the earth barren and thirsty….

11” x 14”   27.9cm x 35.6cm, Unframed Watercolour, 300gsm/140lbs heavyweight watercolour paper

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