About Me

Cindy Porter - Artist

Hi, let me introduce myself, I am Cindy Porter, an animal and wildlife watercolour and acrylic artist. 

I am based in Melbourne, Australia. I have an extensive 20 year background in mixed media and product education. 

I have been creating art all my life, but have concentrated my focus on painting since 2018, but that’s the boring stuff, let’s get a little more real…

I began painting more seriously for my mental health when my hubby became very ill. I would come home from the hospital and I would force myself (initially it was forced) to do a small painting. It was my way to try and cope with what was happening in my life at that moment.

Painting, I discovered was the one thing that let my mind not focus on all the negativity, fear and anxiety in my world at that time.  It became my crutch, my lifeline.

Since then my love of painting has only grown stronger and stronger. Painting fills my live with joy, and I continue to paint daily. 

I create my art to ignite that connection we have to our animal friends, who I believe heal our souls. My art expresses that heart warming innate connection between our human soul and the animal spirit. 

I bring the animals’ spirit to life through joy, colour and passion with my expressive vibrant animal paintings. 

I find my inspiration everywhere, in the nature all around me, from the crows squawking on the powerlines outside my home, to the cockatoos that rustle in the gum trees during my walks along the river or even the sea turtles along the beach while on vacation. Inspiration is everywhere.