Meet your Dragon Spirit Sessions

Dragon Spirit

Our Dragon spirits are powerful members of our spiritual support team and they offer guidance, inspiration, support and even healing in our challenging times. They work to empower us, help us overcome fears, lend us their specific wisdom, strength, and courage to support us on our life’s journey.

The Dragon is the most powerful of all Spirit Animals, offering us the energy of Ancient Magic, they are powerful memebers of our spiritual support team, they offer us support, strength, guidance and inspiration, they work to empower us.

The Dragon is a master of the skies and the earth, giving the higher perspective but still keeping grounded. Dragons are powerful, strong and almost invincible, so tapping into Dragon-Energy offers us the strength and courage to overcome our struggles. When we call upon the Dragon, we also conjure the fire element, which is an incredibly powerful force to channel. With the Dragon at our side, we can walk through fire without getting burnt, and even redirect it back from where it came.

Dragons are kind and noble and are wanting to help us we only have to call on them.

Meet your Dragon Spirit

Join me for a soul journey to meet your dragon spirit.

In this online zoom session I will guide you to meet your dragon spirit.

This is an approximately one hour session that is a powerful soul journey that requires your concentration free from other distractions, please schedule a time when this is possible for you.

During your session please bring with you a pen and journal or paper to record your thoughts, water to drink and an open mind.

Session Cost: $150.00 AUD

Add an original Bespoke Painting to your session

After completion of the guided session, I will create an original bespoke portrait of your dragon spirit for you. This will be a one off original 12″ x 16″ ready to hang canvas painting completed after the session and sent to you in due course .

12″ x 16″ bespoke painting and session – Cost: $595.00AUD

About your guide

Cindy is an animal and wildlife artist based in Melbourne, Australia. She has completed the Akashic Record Certification Programme, the Light Bringer Energy Coaching and Healer Certification and is a Certified Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner. Cindy finds great joy in her healing and energy coaching work. Her offerings of an original portrait of your animal spirit guide after meeting them during a session has allowed her to combine her love of helping others with her love of painting.

What people are saying….

Cindy is a very talented and empathetic Akashic Records Guide. Before my session with Cindy, I had never successfully accessed the Akashic Records, and had been visually blocked on earlier attempts. Cindy and I had a helpful and insightful pre-session discussion, and we identified that self-sabotage in the form of self-punishment was the key issue potentially blocking my attempts to access the records. I agreed to give myself permission to access the records (It felt like a relief), and then we had no problems at all! 

We accessed two lifetimes after asking to access the earliest lifetime in which I had learned to self-punish as a form of sabotage. Accessing these lifetimes confirmed lifetimes that I had been told about from psychic quantum healers but had not been able to access of my own accord. 

These were very spiritually dense lifetimes that were chosen specifically to help the advancement of my soul. Accessing these memories was no walk in the park. However, Cindy helped me through the release of emotion and the healing that occurred afterwards. She was also able to help me integrate the understandings and linkages of these lifetimes after the session.

It is profoundly important for anyone experiencing blockages and limiting beliefs in this lifetime, to consider if seeds were plants in a past incarnation.

I highly recommend Cindy to anyone considering an Akashic Records session!
Katische H.

The session with Cindy was amazing. I felt immediately safe and at ease. I felt completely guided and protected during our reading. It was incredible to be transported into the records. As I walked into my room it was full of cats, at the same time both Cindy’s cats meowed. It felt like they were in the room with me. Had an incredible insight and healing. Would highly recommend it and would definitely do it again.”
Michelle G.

“Cindy was a deeply caring and thorough facilitator.  She answered any questions I had with clarity and compassion.  A lot of information came through which she verified with me and held a very safe and living space for me.  I felt truly supported. Cindy is the real deal.”
Jeanette, S.

“Cindy was nurturing and very clear with instructions. I felt safe and comfortable with her. I would recommend Cindy to anyone wanting to clear past life cycles.”
Michelle, M.

“My session with Cindy was such a beautiful surprise.  I have always experienced a block when it comes to creating with my hands and through my session I discovered what that was about.  Cindy guided me through a couple of my Akashic Records and then she shared her insights with me in our discussion afterwards.  It gave me a lot to think about and I’m looking forward to journaling about my experience to see what other insights arise.  I feel like my reading gave me permission to move forward in my life in an unexpected way.
Thank you for the reading.  It was very revealing, insightful and I found out exactly what I needed to know.  Many blessings to you as you continue your work.”

Patty, S.

“Cindy was able to settle me into the session easily. We explored my issues. Three that which felt entangled. I was held beautifully through out the relaxation and during the session. My session revealed quite a shocking  set of experiences, yet although I was aware of how I felt in each one, at the same time I felt detached, held in Cindy’s safe embrace. During the session I was taken into the violet flame. This felt very healing and calming. Thank you.”
Mac, M.